Our Story

Sewn Still LA is a classic California inspired brand created by brother and sister duo, Shaun and Lani Lupton.

The brand is unconventional in its approach to fashion describing the vibe as being authentic, edgy, artistic, sexy, and evolving. The name “Sewn Still” comes from the idea of trying to capture still images in the clothing that evoke feeling and meaning. Striving to create a culture and family around Sewn Still that is honest in its approach about Fashion.

As kids Shaun had a great passion for art always drawing in his sketch books and getting his hands dirty trying new mediums in which to express his style. Lani was very similar in her own passion as she always had a special knack for clothing, style, and creativity. These passions followed them throughout their lives leading them into the same fields they had grown up loving.

Shaun took his talents after art school and has been working professionally in the design and film industry for the last ten years. Lani has been in the Fashion industry for over ten years styling clients & celebrities, working with buyers, and managing a high-end clothing store in Malibu, and this is her second clothing line as head designer. With all the years of experience and knowledge they have attained from both of each other’s specialized fields it has brought them to this very point of their lives. A culmination of life’s journeys and experiences has lead them to create a Fashion brand and culture that is unlike anything that is out there.