Meet the Sewn Still Family


“We are family, Sewn together. We are one, with every stitch of raw real emotion.” 

This is how we define our family, the small group of four people that came together as one to build the Lupton sibling dream.

It all started with a conversation Lani had with her dad. Edward Lupton saying, “You know, if you(Lani) teamed up with Shaun and brought both your talents together, you guys could create something unlike anything out there.” This sparked the idea of creating a new innovative Fashion Brand and it was here where Sewn Still was born.

Lani has been in the Fashion industry for over ten years styling clients & celebrities working with buyers, and managing a high-end clothing store in Malibu, and this is her second clothing line as head designer. Shaun took his talents after art school and has been working professionally in the design and film industry for the last ten years.


“Some people dream of success… while others wake up and work hard at it.” 


The next person that joined was Elyse. Elyse is in charge of our production, but also assists in the design department. Elyse has long worked for Shaun and jumped to the opportunity when he mentioned the brand story/culture to her. Last to join the Family was Layla, Lani’s side-kick in LA. You might recognize her from the lifestyle video, and some of the photos you will see online. Initially being a part of the video production, it was a natural progression for Layla to become a part of the team as well. With her international experience in the retail industry, she heads up the sales team, and other aspects of the business with Lani in LA.

Yes, Shaun and Lani are family, but so are Elyse and Layla. For us, “Family” does not mean just/only “Blood”, it is a culture that we have built around the brand where we want to bring talent, passion, creativity, and drive to create a product that is unlike anything people have seen. Although each individual has a specific role in the company, we all work closely together to create product that is truly Sewn Still inside(fabric/cut) and out(graphic design).


We are now a family of four, but as every family grows, ours is no different. So follow us on social media and see how you can become a part of the Sewn Still family….

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